Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My daily needs: Sunglasses

Hello, everybody!

Today, I'd like to share with you guys one of the daily essentials that I must have in my bag.
As you know, I'm not a morning person.
So whenever I have to go out early in the morning, I will feel uncomfortable because of the sunlight.
I actually do feel like a vampire sometimes because the sunlight kinda irritates me. lol
Therefore, my sunglasses will always be with me to protect my eyes.

Sunglasses are really important to me as it can also be one of the best accessories for me to simply match it with any outfits!
Especially during the days when you have sore eyes, terrible eye bags or when you're not wearing any make up, just pick up your sunglasses. It will definitely spice up your casual day out as sunglasses can do the trick ;)
Most importantly, it can help to cover my dark circles.
I can't leave my house without covering my dark circles with concealer, but on lazy days, I just grab my sunglasses and ciao. Haha

In this post, I'll be sharing a few types of sunglasses design for women to wear on their lazy weekends out in style.

Wear it like this model to create a really cool and fashionable look for yourself.

If you think that sunglasses aren't enough, wear a hat to give that sophisticated style ;) 

Personally, I really like the cat-eye sunglasses as it creates a very sexy and elegant aura of a woman.
But too bad it doesn't suit my face shape :(
However, I really do recommend it to girls out there who has a suitable face shape for the cat-eye sunglasses. You will definitely not regret for having one in your collection!

Who doesn't love leopard prints? It's a must-have in every girl's wardrobe.

After so many inspirations, here's a picture of me......

I took this picture last year when I was at Malacca with my boyfriend.
Although I was in the car, but still, the sunlight was really bright, I just had to put on my sunglasses.
It really helps a lot because I won't have to squint my eyes anymore.
Say bye bye to eye strain!

No one can ever look sloppy with a pair of sunglasses on.
When you look good, you will feel good.
So just put on your sunglasses and let the sunlight shines on you like a supermodel.

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