Friday, December 17, 2010

Graduation Day! (16/11/10)

YAY! Finally, I've graduated.
5 years of high schooling is finally done!
I'm so happy that I don't have to feel all those stress anymore.
The most important is.........

Don't wanna talk much,
So, let's see the pictures :)

Sharmaine & I

Shan Shan & I

Me & Yee Teng

Me & Mun Yen

Me & Yi Leng

Chee Yan & I

Yong Hau & I

Me & Tien Vee

Me & Seng Ben,
the so-tall-'braaaa-ther'. Hahaha.
I looked like I'm pinching him in this photo and he looked like 'OUCH!' :D

Sze Chyi & I

Siow Wen & I

Me & Yin Fern, with Sin Tian at the back. Haha

Me & Kok Foong

From left : Me, Hui Shi & Mun Yen (The three Cs) :D

From left at the top : Kritanak, Yi Qian & Sin Tian
From left at the middle : Ching Yen, Seay Guat, Yin Fern, Jia Yen, Hui Shi, Mun Yen & I
From left at the bottom : Wan Yee, Sook Chin, Chee Yan & Yi Leng

5A1 Girls :D

Kah Fei & Tzu Shyan with the girls


Happy Graduation!! :D

After all, Graduation Day was awesome.
We get to take pictures with all of our friends as our high school memory.
11 years of studying in school, and finally I made it.
I've graduated :)

All of us will have our own pathway after this, but those memories we had together will always be remembered.
We'll miss each other.
And we will meet again on March 2011 at school :)
Keep in touch, guys!

I'll end this post with a picture of me, Mun Yen and Hui Shi :D
Credit to ryanbrian.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

SPM IS OVER!!.....for me :)

My exam is finally over!
and I'm so HAPPY!! x)

No more SPM.
No more school rules.
No more waking up in the early morning.
No more staying up until the a.m. just to study.
No more tying up my hair.
No more school uniform.
No more pressure and worries!
And the most important, I'm so freeee!!
From all the books and rules.

So, I'll keep on updating my blog with all the pictures that I have.
There's so much for me to update!
I'll update those days when I was taking SPM too!
Just some talks about those subjects.
I have so many things to say.

Okay, so let's just skip my freedom part!

Account is the last subject today.
So, after the Account exam, our beloved class teacher, Pn. Margaret had a celebration with the whole class.
It's a birthday celebration for November's and December's babies.
So, yes. I am one of them! I'm November 8th!!
Haha. The same for Sook Chin, she's born in the same date, same month, and same year with me too!
It's amazing to meet someone who is having the same birthday as you do, and we're friends, we're in the same school, same class :)
It's great to have all of them, it's nice to meet them.
I think 5A1 is the best class I have ever had.
I found a lot of laughters in this class, those warmness.
I never felt that when I was in the 2nd class.
That's why, 3rd class is not bad too!
Haha. Although we're in 3rd class, but we're counted as the first class of Account already!
Not bad, right?? :D
Okay, I'll stop talking.
Let's just let the pictures talk. Haha

The birthday cake! Everyone took 1 strawberry.

*yum yum*

November Babies!
From left : Sook Chin (November 8th), Me (November 8th), Ching Yen (28th November)

Not ready yet.

Pn. Margaret with November babies :)

December Babies!

From left : Chee Yan, Kok Foong, Kritanak, Yi Keong, Wee Kuan.

Pn. Margaret with December babies :)

The whole class of 5A1


5A1 :D

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!!

Look how enjoy and happy we were.

Blow the cake, blow!
Pn. Margaret's son blew it! Hahah

*sayang, sayang*

Yay! Teacher's cutting the cake :D

Seng Ben and I :)

I didn't know he put a peace sign until I saw the picture.
My silly braaaaa-ther. Hahaha

Hai Guan took this picture of mine when I was going back :)