Friday, March 27, 2015


Putting everything into a piece right now at six in the morning.
Rendering is something that takes a lot of time. Sigh

I've been updating my blog every week for now.
I hope I could maintain this to keep my blog alive. Haha
So while I'm waiting for it to render, here I am, blogging.

I wanted to use Final Cut Pro, but mine just doesn't work at the moment.
I guess it's because I've deleted some files last year that my FCP doesn't work anymore.
Had to use Adobe Premiere Pro then, but it's okay.

Anyway, if you guys follow me on Twitter, you should know that I've been catching up on Unpretty Rapstar!

I root for Jimin & Kisum, but I love every one of them, especially Cheetah and Jessi's rap. They're both awesome rappers.
But I love the friendship between Jimin & Kisum, they both look so cute together. Hahaha

I'd like to share my favorite performance by Jimin with you guys!
I think this is her best performance so far, but honestly, I think Cheetah did it better than Jimin.
However, in this performance, I can't deny that Jimin is freakin' hot!

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Hello, everyone.
How's your day? :)

Mine has been really busy and tired, eventhough I'm just staying at home most of the time.
I'm keeping myself occupied lately so that I don't at least feel useless and lifeless with not doing anything. Haha

So, what I've been up to?

Friends keep telling me that they don't see me so much on Instagram, they told me I should update more because it feels like I've been disappeared for a while. lol
Therefore, I'm trying to update my Instagram every single day if I could.
Because sometimes I just don't know what caption to write, and I'll edit my pics nicely until late night, then I decided that nah, it's too late. gotta sleep. let's just post it tomorrow. and tomorrow I just forget about it. crap.

And previously I've said that I don't want to abandon my blog again, so here I am.

I've been reading a lot. In fact I'm so into reading that I stayed up late night to finish up a book.
Then I'd wake up earlier to continue if I haven't finished it yet.
I'm obsessed with books.
Reading can somehow makes me feel alive. It makes me feel as if I just went through what the characters have gone through.
You may think that I'm weird in some kind of way, but that's what books make me feel. And I love it.

I've bought the novel, The Perks of Being a Wallflower.....
When I was typing this, something just fell.. from a tree. It was so loud.
I went outside to see what was it, but I don't notice anything. Hmmmm

Anyway, back to The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I've finally read it, after so long. 
What can I say?
Mad? Disappointed? Yeah, sort of.
I'd like to keep the review for the next post as I have plenty to say about it. 
It makes me kinda mad after reading that novel, I don't know why, but I just am.

The weather has been really terrible lately. 
It's so so so hot that I had to wake up sweating, and I couldn't seem to get back to sleep anymore.
I wish I have an air-cond in my bedroom.
In case you're wondering why I don't have any, long story short, my dad disagrees on having air-cond in our rooms. So yeappp

This is basically how I feel most of the time. 

That's all for today. 
I'm gonna edit some videos that I took at Port Dickson during Valentine's Day, hopefully it will be done by this week.
Then, I will organise my pictures and edit them, hopefully I'll manage to blog about it as well.
After that, I guess I'm gonna do some reading. More reading, of course.
Probably I'll write more.

Oh yes, please do follow me on Instagram if you haven't done so.
I'm trying to stay active! ;)

Instagram: c_juann

Friday, March 6, 2015

Back to blogging.

Hi there.

I've decided to hide all my previous posts and start blogging once again because...

1) Most of the pictures couldn't be loaded in my blog, which I don't know why.
2) I'm damn free right now, all I've been doing is just staying at home, eat, sleep, watch TV, REPEAT.
3) I just feel like blogging again.

And hopefully this time, I won't go missing for years again and abandon my blog.


Stay tuned! ;)