Monday, March 19, 2012

Cravings for...

Chocolate cake. 

Curly fries.


Chocolate brownies.

Spaghetti Carbonara.

Mac and cheese.

Pictures are all from Tumblr.


I loveee watching dance competition and dance shows.
No, I'm not a dancer. I don't dance. Haha.
But seeing the dancing passion in them, watching them dancing energetically, it somehow motivated me to pursue my dreams too.
Why do I feel so? Because when they dance, you could feel that they actually put a lot of efforts in it.
They spend all of their time choreographing and practicing the dance steps. It's not easy...
And they have to perform in front of a big crowd, that's a big courage.
So, I'm really impressed by them.

I really love this group from Malaysia, ELECOLDXHOT!
I think that they're really awesome with their dance moves. They rock! \m/
I always watch their videos on YouTube, and here are some that I would like to share with y'all.

They also performed during LMFAO official launching at Sunway Pyramid.

A video from Elecoldxhot's leader, Chriz Ooi.

Anddd.. I find this funny! LOL

Recently, they've joined Singapore Dance Delight (SDD) Vol. 3 and they're the 1st runner up in the competition! :D
Can you see that at 2:45? OUCH.

After watching all these videos,
are you a fan now? ;)

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After class.

Jessica & I.

Took this at Pull and Bear @1Utama.
Credits to Jessica.

Short Film Assignment (What Makes You Beautiful)

Ola, everyone! :)
So this short film assignment is filmed last year, for my Foundation.
We actually came out with this idea from the song Who Says by Selena Gomez, and then to One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful. Haha
During the whole process of filming, we had fun. Although it's tiring to film everything in 2 days, but we know it's gonna worth it. We gained experience and we learned a lot about filming.

Firstly, let me summarize the story for our short film assignment.
It's about a nerd who fall in love with a guy, and the guy found out about it. They started dating, and who knows? The guy actually fall for the nerd too. lol
It's kinda normal I guess but I hope you guys will like the video.
We've put a lot of effort in filming it.

The first day.
We actually planned to film everything in a day at first. Haha.
But then we received a news that Social Psychology class is cancelled. So we changed our plan last minute.
We firstly film the part where the nerd goes shopping with the guy's friend.
Shop shop shop, then the girl helped the nerd to change her appearances so that the nerd would look prettier.
We filmed the shopping process at Sunway Pyramid and people were looking everywhere. It's really awkwarddddd.
But who cares? :p We're doing it for the purpose of our assignments. We need the marks! Haha.
Pictures :

Me, starring as The Nerd.

The group.

From left: Crystal Lok, Jessica, Mei Xuan and me.

Camwhore session.


Then, we had our lunch at Dragon-i. Nyum nyum!
After lunch, all of us headed home to take things that we needed for filming and meet up again at a petrol station near the Puchong toll at 3pm.
We then headed to Jessica's friend's house to film the part where the nerd has to pick the right clothes to wear.
Thanks to her friend who borrowed us her room, we got to film that important part. Appreciate it a lot! :)

The second day, which is also the last day.
Woke up early in the morning around 8.30am, went to meet up with the crew at MCD around 10am to have our breakfast.
After that, we went to the park near Suria Mas to start filming.
And there it goes.....

Group photo.

From left: Jessica, Mei Xuan, Crystal Lok, Poh Yee, Me, Vincent Che and his friend.

Group photo.

Really thank you to those who helped us out.
Especially Vincent Che and his friend. They helped us to film and taught us about the right angle.
They're really experienced. Haha.

Soooo, check our video out! Enjoy.