Friday, March 27, 2015


Putting everything into a piece right now at six in the morning.
Rendering is something that takes a lot of time. Sigh

I've been updating my blog every week for now.
I hope I could maintain this to keep my blog alive. Haha
So while I'm waiting for it to render, here I am, blogging.

I wanted to use Final Cut Pro, but mine just doesn't work at the moment.
I guess it's because I've deleted some files last year that my FCP doesn't work anymore.
Had to use Adobe Premiere Pro then, but it's okay.

Anyway, if you guys follow me on Twitter, you should know that I've been catching up on Unpretty Rapstar!

I root for Jimin & Kisum, but I love every one of them, especially Cheetah and Jessi's rap. They're both awesome rappers.
But I love the friendship between Jimin & Kisum, they both look so cute together. Hahaha

I'd like to share my favorite performance by Jimin with you guys!
I think this is her best performance so far, but honestly, I think Cheetah did it better than Jimin.
However, in this performance, I can't deny that Jimin is freakin' hot!

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